Are you sick of all the conflicts, hatred, and struggles that you see in the world today? Have you ever wondered what the founders and leaders of world religions would say if they were alive now?

In “Messages from Heaven: What Jesus, Buddha, Moses, and Muhammad Would Say Today”  author Ryuho Okawa shares the spiritual communication he had with these four spirits delivering the messages that they want to share with people living today. The spiritual messages in this book present diverse perspectives on faith, and shows how each of these spirits see and understand God. Chapter 1 contains Jesus’s messages of love, faith and forgiveness.


Amazon Customer Review:

“The interesting thing is that this book tells us the real reasons why some religions have conflicts, for example the conflict between Christianity and Islam, and the real meanings behind enigmas in religions, such as why Jesus let himself die on the cross, and why Israelites have suffered from the tragic history of isolation and fierce wars. I think this book enables us to understand each other across all faiths and will definitely be a seed of religious conflict resolution.”


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