A Spiritual Interview with the Leader of ISIL, al-Baghdadi is a record of a spiritual conversation with the hidden consciousness of the ISIL leader, conducted using the method of religious journalism. To believe or not to believe spiritual interviews is up to you. However, it must be noted that the author has already published more than 350 books of spiritual messages. The world sees ISIL as the most dangerous terrorist group, but little is understood about the following points regarding ISIL:

  • Why ISIL was founded
  • What he thinks of Christian civilization
  • What he thinks of the U.S., who executed Saddam Hussein
  • From which Muslim country he believes the next leader will appear
  • Why ISIL kills its hostages in cruel ways

In this book, al-Baghdadi’s inner consciousness gives answers to these questions and more. The author believes we must see through the destiny of ISIL from the viewpoint of world history. Terrorism must not be tolerated, of course—but this book is a precious source to see ISIL in an objective and impartial way.