Two days after North Korea had completed the third underground nuclear bomb test, on February 14, 2013, Ryuho Okawa spiritually investigated North Korea’s future. A month before the test, North Korea had made threats against the United States by showing its stance to continue the missile development program in order to gain the ability to strike against the United States. This interview forecasts how the target nations of a potential North Korean nuclear attack, namely South Korea, Japan and the U.S., will face this crisis―what they’ll do, and what the fate of North Korea and the Korean peninsula will be. In part one, Okawa calls on the help of Edgar Cayce to describe in detail, the unfolding of a second Korean War. Part two includes a spiritual interview with Kim Il Sung, exposing his spiritually guidance of Kim Jong Un. Together, the two parts reveal the crisis on the Korean peninsula to be only a small part of a larger and more global imperialistic scheme masterminded by Xi Jinping, president of China. Also unmasked in these interviews is the person behind the Islamist terrorist attacks on the United States.