The course of world history has reached a critical turning point, as witnessed in 2012’s pivotal events – the reelection of United States President Barack Obama, and Xi Jinping’s appointment as president of China for the next decade. Today, the world continues to face crises on many planes — political tensions and violence over territorial disputes in Asia, the European Union’s economic turmoil, and continued warring in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine, to name just a few. The turbulent state of world economics, politics, and religious coexistence has prompted Ryuho Okawa to offer insight into the true intentions and plans of our world’s leaders, via this spiritual interview. The world is indeed “standing in the middle of a crisis.” The U.S. is still recovering from the fiscal cliff, and several Asian countries are at risk of invasion by China. The U.S. remains the reigning superpower, and its president will face the inevitable challenges of making critical decisions that will have lasting effects around the world. This book reveals Okawa’s earnest hope that the United States and Japan will continue to hold strong bonds, emphasizing how our global future depends on the U.S.’s continued protection of faith, liberty, and justice not just for their people – but around the world.