On April 9, 2013, just nineteen hours after Margaret Thatcher’s death, Ryuho Okawa summoned her spirit to hold an interview with the prime minister’s spirit. Famously known as the Iron Lady, she was Europe’s first female to hold the position. In words marked by her signature clarity and determination, Margaret Thatcher provided valuable answers to essential and timely questions that offer insights to the United Kingdom, as well as the global community and economy. She speaks of the role governments should take, the evils of socialism, and why diligence is the key to the United Kingdom’s prosperity.

In the midst of Japan’s territorial disputes with China and struggles with North Korean missile threats, Thatcher asks the Japanese government to remember the courageous spirit of Bushido. She encourages the Japanese to be proud of the incredible strength and ingenuity their forces in the beginning of World War II, and their history. Thatcher expresses hope that the United States will help Japan protect Japanese territory and citizens. Through this interview, Margaret Thatcher reminds us that the world is in need of brave and able statesmen with the courage to act decisively to preserve nations, protect world justice, and promote prosperity.