In this book, author Ryuho Okawa describes his personal awakening. He explains that the “real world” is not what we see with our limited senses, and shares the truth about other life forms in this new age. Actual conversations with four of the higher spirits―Enlil, Athena, Confucius and Rient Arl Croud― offer sage observations and predictions. Okawa describes the “New Space Age” as one that will ultimately see an influx of alien visitors, an end to war, and the beginning of utopia on earth. Okawa convincingly explains why, of all the planets in the universe – earth is destined to become the “Planet of Love.” Okawa also stresses the importance of why we must wholeheartedly welcome extraterrestrial beings – as those here already, and those yet to come – will publicly declare themselves only when we are able to stop war and violence against one another on our planet.