The Unknown

Alien Invasion

Why did Professor Hawking start to warn the threat of aliens? Who is giving spiritual guidance to Professor Hawking? […]

The Shape of Things in 2100

What does H. G. Wells see for our future today? What was the nature of the crisis and hope […]

In Love with the Sun

After 600 million years, people shall know the true genesis.
The true story when the earth was born,
The guiding concept […]

Forecasting the Second Korean War

Two days after North Korea had completed the third underground nuclear bomb test, on February 14, 2013, Ryuho Okawa […]

China’s Secret Military Bases

The first English publication in a series of remote viewings conducted by Ryuho Okawa, this transcendent interview investigates a […]

The Next Great Awakening

In this book, author Ryuho Okawa describes his personal awakening. He explains that the “real world” is not what […]